Lessons Learned from Years with Entrepreneurs

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The Changes in Mankind Caused by Technological Innovations

Technology has had big effects on the way human beings carry out their daily activities Effectiveness and reduction of the workload is a major objective of scientists and specialists. Digital transformation is a vital goal of the eight enterprises built by Terence Mills Artificial intelligence has caused good effects on the social and work aspect of mankind

Commoners have software in their devices that is simplified by complex background algorithms. Google is an example that calculates predictions according to the users search history hence simplifying the online experience There are more complex tasks that challenge man’s ability and that have been broken down by the use of robotics Activities that require accuracy and precision take a lot of time and companies opt to use robots with AI for this activities. The expansion of companies in the 21st Century has been caused by increased productivity.

Most people prefer to do their business on the internet This is because of the speed and unlimited access that the internet delivers Due to this, security and protection of user data that might be sensitive has become a major issueAn internet application that contains all the important parts of commerce is a an answer that is sure to work now and in the future Alio is a good example that digitalises all business categories These include fund accounting, general ledger, budgeting and salary administration

The social architecture of human beings has been impacted positively. The internet has contributed very much to globalization by the use of social media This allows users to communicate easily with others worldwideThe use of crypto currency such as Bitcoin has created a global market that allows trade between users worldwide with it being independent of economic factors

Companies have opted to use corporate digital strategy to interact with their customers Customers had to avail themselves physically at the companies offices to receive service. These transactions caused situations such as long queues and disorder Human beings who are prone to making simple but devastating mistakes were the weak link in the chain and this sometimes led to huge losses Most companies especially the banking enterprises use web applications that simplify the procedure and promote order The use of internet applications also reduces the amount of funds that are used to advertise company products Communication between the company and client had to be through mail before but the use of electronic mail has simplified the process